Board of Directors
(Oct 2016-Sep 2017)

Bill Jobst
President/ Board Member
985 285 1575

Gene Mallard
Vice President/Architectural Review
Committee Member/Board Member
985 285 9528

Julie Bylsma
Board Member
985 788 6320

Milton Boackle
Oak Harbor Master Board Representative/
Board Member
504 494 2328

Bob Maggio
Architectural Review Committee Member/
Board Member
504 813 6853

Steve Prechter
Architectural Review Committee Chairman
985 645 3991
   Marina Drive Property Owners' Association (MDPOA)
is a non-profit corporation representing the interests of townhome residents.  Single-family townhomes offer a
beautiful view of Oak Harbor Marina, easy water access to Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf of Mexico, and
convenient access to Interstate 10 and nearby New Orleans.

The Board of Directors for the MDPOA is elected by majority vote at an annual fall meeting of Property
Owners.  Elected members of the Board then select the Association Officers who manage the day-to-day activities
of the corporation. In the past, Board members have also served as Officers, but it is not necessary to do so.

Please contact a Board member, listed at left, if you would like to participate in your community Association.
Parent Association ~ Oak Harbor Property Owners' Association
Monthly Board Meetings are held the 1st Thursday of every month @ 7pm - the
location changes so if you're interested in attending, please email or call a Board
Member/Officer - we invite you to become active in your homeowners' association.